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The B Team is a not-for-profit formed by a group of business leaders working to catalyse a better way of doing business for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

At a time of major global changes; powers shifts, loss of trust in leadership, continued loss of biodiversity and social inequality, the role of The B Team, a group of business and civil society leaders standing side by side to collectively advocate for policy change, drive progress in their own businesses, and invest in new solutions and tools for the business community, the work to drive social and environmental change is more important than ever before.

While The B Team Leaders set the vision and the long-term direction, the small but highly skilled and experienced staff base, and the internal operations to support them, are an integral part of achieving The B Team’s core mission by working with the Leaders on strategies and tactics to deliver.


The Director, Operations & Finance plays a key leadership role for our team – as the glue holding us all together in the midst of many moving pieces. You will work closely with the Executive Director and Senior Management Team to ensure operational effectiveness with sound financial planning. You will be responsible for ensuring that our staff team works in an effective and efficient way to meet our stated goals, whilst keeping sight of our commitment to ensuring wellbeing at all levels of the organisation.

We are looking for someone with non-profit financial and regulatory expertise in both the UK and the US to take The B Team to the next level in terms of financial best practice. We have a small staff team, and you will be responsible for working with our outsourced services to ensure complete financial management. You will play a critical role in The B Team’s mission to fundamentally redefine the role of business in society. You will be responsible for ensuring The B Team is meeting all of its regulatory requirements, including through strong financial management systems, efficient, accountable and well-prepared governance processes, and robust support to the impact planning, learning and reporting mechanisms.

The Director of Finance & Operations reports to the Executive Director. You will also work closely with the B Team Executive Chair as well as other key stakeholders, including The B Team Leaders and donors. The B Team operates in the UK and the US, this role will be based in London.

This is a fixed term 13 month contract covering maternity leave.


Strategy, Business planning and Reporting

  • In conjunction with the Executive Director (ED), the senior management team and other stakeholders, manage the creation of and guide the execution of the annual plan.
  • Work with the senior management team to ensure that all areas have plans in place which support the delivery of objectives, whilst ensuring that results are consistently delivered to a high standard.
  • Work with the team to ensure there is a solid measurement framework, set targets and manage ongoing monitoring against these targets.
  • Review all work streams and business processes, identify gaps and implement solutions/improvements accordingly. Foster a learning culture amongst the team to strengthen the initiatives.

Financial Management

  • Responsible for overall effective financial management of The B Team including budgeting, financial planning, monitoring and controls are in place and deadlines are met in line with best practice non-profit financial management.
  • Operation of many of the financial processes and controls.
  • Identify areas for improvement for financial systems and processes, and work with the ED to implement those processes across the organisation and ensure they consistently meet the highest social and environmental principles and standards.
  • Working with the senior leadership team to create and maintain budgets that reflect and balance the income and objectives of the organisation ensuring that The B Team remains on target and in budget
  • Analysing financial data and presenting financial reports in an accurate and timely manner; clearly communicating monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements for all stakeholders
  • Work with the Audit Committee in the US, the Board of Trustees in the UK and our auditors to ensure the first year of consolidated accounts are efficiently monitored, statutory accounts are produced, audited and filed within the relevant deadlines
  • Ensure all US and UK tax obligations are met.
  • Ensure internal financial monitoring in line with donor specific requirements for monies spent.
  • Enable the financial side of HR, ensuring timely payroll, pension and tax payments and all regulatory requirements are met.
  • Provide timely and effective donor financial reports to support and strengthen our donor relationships.

Governance/General Operations

  • Ensure that The B Team’s operations and activities globally are fully compliant with all relevant local legislation.
  • Work with the ED to implement the most effective Board structures globally.
  • Work with the community team to ensure that the newly implemented governance structures in both the UK and the US are maintained, along with all legal records.
  • Develop / improve relevant mechanisms and structures for the day-to-day running of the operational aspects of The B Team.
  • Ensure that The B Team has the right infrastructure – IT equipment, working facilities etc. in place that supports the delivery of business objectives in a cost-effective manner.
  • Responsible for managing procurement activity considering all responsible sourcing considerations.
  • Manage all legal aspects of the organisation, ensuring pro bono services are best utilised.
  • Manage risk management processes across the organisation including reporting to the Board against the newly implemented Risk Register.


  • With the ED and senior management team develop the culture of The B Team to be a 100% Human place to work that people love to be a part of, that we are recruiting and retaining the best possible talent within the team, in line with the strategic priorities of the organisation.
  • Ensure that The B Team’s people processes are all effective and appropriate to our needs and fulfils our objective of making The B Team the best possible place to work.
  • Oversee recruitment campaigns.
  • Develop people management systems including objective setting, learning and development to supporting staff to ensure their best performance against organisational objectives, including integration of social and environmental performance metrics.
  • Regularly review organisation structures with the ED and each functional head and ensure that that they are cost effective and The B Team has the right people in the right place to deliver the business plan and objectives.
  • Manage the Remuneration Committee process.
  • Ensuring People procedures and policies are consistently and fairly employed at all levels of the organisation.

We’re looking for someone who…

  • Is an experienced operator with broad and proven experience across a range of internal functions – such as finance, governance & the reporting cycle, business planning, procurement, IT & systems etc.
  • Has at least 10 years of experience leading the financial and regulatory operations of an organisation or business, with at least 3 years’ experience in the non-profit sector.
  • Has a Sound understanding of operational planning and risk management processes and of the workings of HR functions.
  • Is a leader, has strong character and confidence.
  • Has excellent process, project and time management skills.
  • Is diplomatic and has experience in building strong professional relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Is proactive and solutions oriented.
  • Is experienced with high-level financial decision making, but is also willing to get down in the weeds when necessary.
  • Is calm, adaptable, flexible, and unflappable in a fast-paced and evolving environment.
  • Enjoys working in a collaborative style.
  • Treats all people with equal respect.
  • Has a deep commitment to and demonstrated interest in the mission and core beliefs of The B Team.

Bonus if you…

  • Have experience working in or around businesses that drive social and environmental benefits


If you are inspired by our mission and would like to join our small but strong and rapidly growing team, please apply by sending your résumé and a cover letter (in a single PDF document) telling us why you are the best person for this job to Please use the subject line “Your Name: Dir Operations & Finance.”

The application deadline is September 22, 2017.

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