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Consultancy Opportunity: Advancing Racial and Socio-Economic Equality for an Inclusive Economy

Consultancy Opportunity: Advancing Racial and Socio-Economic Equality for an Inclusive Economy

Posted on:

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Application close:

Monday 17th August 2020


Remote with availability to take calls with B Team staff in London and NYC


Maximum budget of USD $35,000


The B Team wishes to improve our understanding of and approaches to racial and socio-economic equality, both internally and within our public-facing work. We are looking for a consultant to work with us, provide expertise and inform our efforts on this important issue.


The B Team has recently launched its 2025 Strategy, with a focus on delivering an inclusive economy by 2030. With this in mind, and in the wake of long-running racial injustices sparking social and political unrest in the United States and around the world, we are looking to improve our understanding of racial and socio-economic inequality in business and beyond. We wish to focus on the following areas for improvement:

1. Getting our house in order

We are early in our journey on improving racial diversity and gender balance within our staff but we are firmly committed to progress, including deepening education and understanding around how issues of race and socio-economic inequality manifest in and out of the workplace. We strive for a fair, inclusive and honest culture; as explained in our statement on racial justice and our internal Diversity & Inclusion policy, we are ready to learn how we can be actively anti-racist, no matter how uncomfortable confronting our own privileges may be.

2. Representation amongst B Team Leaders

The B Team Leaders have previously committed to some approaches to bring in new, diverse Leaders, which have focused on race/ethnicity and gender, and it is important that this commitment is endorsed and sustained. Increased diversity of our B Team Leaders would empower us to reach new audiences, gain credibility on more issues and uphold our diversity commitments to our donors—while also mirroring the work we are doing externally to advance diversity and build an inclusive economy.

3. Integrating race into our work

Our ambitions for building an inclusive economy by 2030 will fall short if we fail to consider the race and class lenses to our core work—and we will need to build up our expertise on these issues. A scoping study, summarizing the key tenets of how racial and socio-economic inequality intersects with our causes, proposing a pathway for business leadership in these intersectional areas and identifying the key companies and organizations for potential collaborations, would set us up for success.

Scope & Deliverables

This project will inform our internal and external work on racial and socio-economic equality. We seek a consultant that can address both angles, as they are of equal importance to us.


  • An inception report, including an intended work plan and timetable, should be shared with The B Team within five days of starting the consultancy.
  • A two-part written report (max. 20 pages) and accompanying presentation (max. 10 slides) covering the following:
    • Overview of how race and socio-economic inequality intersect with B Team cause areas.
    • Mapping of company best-practice on tackling racism & inequity.
    • Actions The B Team can take to tackle racism & inequity in external campaigns.
    • A list of suggested partners and organizations for The B Team to connect with for our external work on race and diversity
    • Concrete suggestions to enhance The B Team’s internal D&I policy in order to diversify our team.
    • Steps The B Team can take to improve diversity among Leaders.
    • Steps The B Team can take internally to action our commitment to tackling racism and inequity.
  • A short (max. 4 page) summary of the report.
  • A presentation of findings to The B Team.

Example Timeline

  • Consultancy start: 24 August
  • Inception report delivered: 1 September
  • Draft External Expertise Report shared: 12 October
  • Final Report: 26 October
  • Draft Internal Guidance Report shared: 23 November
  • Final Report: 7 December
  • Final report summary & slides: 14 December
  • Presentation to The B Team: 16 December

The consultant should be available throughout this project.

How to Apply

Given the complexity of the project, The B Team welcomes applications from individual consultants or a team of consultants. The consultant(s) can be based anywhere, but must be available for regular calls with B Team staff in London and NYC.

The consultant(s) should have a proven track record of work on designing and/or implementing diversity and inclusion policies, with positive results, experience working on race and socio-economic equality and/or a background in program design on equality issues. Strong project management skills, excellent communication skills and an understanding of current cross-sector debates on racial and socio-economic inequality and the inclusive economy will also be prioritized.

The B Team is committed to being a fair, diverse and inclusive organization. In your application, we invite you to share with us how you could contribute to this goal with reference to your personal or professional background.

Applications should be sent by email to by 17 August 2020.

Applications should consist of:

  • A cover letter including why the consultant has the skills for this assignment.
  • A proposal of how the research will be carried out, including a budget showing daily rates. NB the budget should not exceed $35,000 USD.
  • A curriculum vitae of the lead consultant(s), including contact details for 3 referees.
  • Work samples as relevant.
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