Workplace Equality

Ensuring equitable, safe and dignified workplaces that respect human rights and allow people to thrive.

The right to safety, fairness, dignity, purpose and belonging at work is fundamental. Companies are just as accountable for the health and safety of employees and communities as they are for their bottom line.

We work with the private sector to promote workplaces that are inclusive, safe and equitable. Our vision is for companies to create business models and environments where all employees can thrive today—and in the workforce of the future.


True business sustainability depends on work environments which uphold and protect human rights. Yet unhealthy, unsafe and unequal working conditions continue for many people around the world. When employees feel secure and actively empowered to bring their full selves to work, business thrives. But, all too often, this is not a reality for workers.

If we are to build a future in which the dignity and human rights of all working people are protected, business cannot stay silent or inactive. The private sector has a unique—and powerful—role to play in both upholding fundamental rights and in charting an innovative and inclusive path toward the future of work.


We help the private sector take action by providing safe and bold spaces for discussion among corporate peers, civil society and subject matter experts and developing resources and tools that help businesses put workplace equality in action.

Crucial to this effort is strong legislation. We also work with leading companies to showcase best practices, support new norms and encourage policy that protects workers and empowers governments and employers.


In driving equality both within their operations and wider communities, companies are building better societies and better businesses. They’re going beyond recognition and toward lasting action for a fair future.

Through business leadership on advancing gender balanced and inclusive corporate cultures, eradicating modern slavery and welcoming refugees and migrants, we are working to enable a world where employees and companies are set up to succeed.



Businesses create and maintain working environments that recognize and respect the human rights and talents of all people, no matter their background, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.


Businesses uphold gender balance, diversity and inclusion not only as the right thing to do, but as a driver of shifting norms and delivering better business performance as well as economic growth.


Businesses are motivated to eliminate forced labor and ensure their supply chains are safe and their workers protected.

Action on Workplace Equality

Refugees and Migrants

Empowering refugees and migrants and restoring dignity and self-reliance through work.
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Gender Balance and Inclusive Cultures

Respecting and valuing gender balance and inclusion helps people and companies thrive.
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Eradicating Modern Slavery

Taking action to increase supply chain transparency and save lives by eliminating forced labour.
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